Learning and growth was about to happen but I was not ready or I had no idea it was this soon. It all started when I was recovering my Whatsapp messages after losing almost all data on my iPhone. The first message that I quickly attended to was from one of my good acquaintances Miss Nthanda Manduwi, asking me is I was free on a Saturday. A usual I replied I am free. At the back of my head I knew she would not just text unless it was business and I was ready for business.

Awesome. Wanted to invite you to an event 🤗

Learning and Growth

Thats all I needed to hear. And I was game. We went through a few stuff in preparation for the event, I gave my opinion on how Covid-19 has impacted my business and it was a date. Saturday arrived sooner than I had planned. But oh well I was ready. Dressed sharp and ready to go. I arrived at  the event and it was filled with so many talented minds I know and some who were new. Familiar faces like Timmy, Suffix, and Q-Malewezi just to name a few and of course the beautiful host Miss Nthanda Manduwi. As usual Escom pulled their usual stunt on us but it worked to our favour because in the darkness of things conversations and networking lit up the atmosphere.

Learning and Growth

Show Must go on

An hour or so later the event was in full swing, cocktails served and delicious treats filled our hungry mouths. As the event went on we had panelists engage with the Audience on key issues to do with young entrepreneurs and the pandemic. Highlight of the evening was the pitch. The winner was going to walk away with One Hundred Thousand Kwacha. Just imagine. Three guys pitched brilliant ideas but one stood out for me. One Barbershop idea by Mr. Tawina Mbeza, who happens to be one of my oldest friends. His business dubbed “True men’s Grooming” won the pitch for being the most visionary idea of the night.

I won A million Dollar

Though I did not win the cash prize I won something worth a Million Dollars in my opinion. As the judges were deliberating I went into a deep conversation with one attendees who was talking about branding. and we talked about branding and how many Malawian brands miss it. Then I explained how myself, even though has been good at branding other people, have struggled to find my core brand belief. He then posed a few questions that I think are important for anyone trying to brand themselves. But this question stood out for me.

What would you do for free and still enjoy doing it?

This was a game changer and I literally found out why my brand exists. To teach and foster growth.

Learning and Growth

As simple as this sounds. For me teaching and sharing knowledge that helps people grow and become better versions of themselves brings more fulfilment than anything else. Now imagine if I did not attend this function. I would have still been thinking why the brand exists. And probably be frustrated over how its taking long to decipher.

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