By definition from Investopedia, an externality is a cost or benefit caused by a producer that is not financially incurred or received by that producer. An externality can be both positive or negative and can stem from either the production or consumption of a good or service. The costs and benefits can be both private—to an individual or an organization—or social, meaning it can affect society as a whole.

Be that as it may, in this write up the cost will be “hope”.

Whereas “Breaking news” means newly received information about a newsworthy event that is currently occurring or developing. Breaking news is a product of news agencies, newspapers, blogs, social media influencers, and media houses. Whereby all media agencies are the producers.

The Public being the consumer of the “breaking news” is impacted by breaking news in the following ways; perceptions, attitudes and beliefs about themselves, society, their leaders, and the nation as a whole. These perceptions can be positively (benefit) and negatively (cost) affected by the production of breaking news by news outlets.

Manufacturing breaking news to sell and sustain businesses at the expense of the consumers of such information is what I would like to address. Though it is a good motive, as every private firm has to make profit to stay afloat, most of the time it has adverse consequences than good. It can cost the public consequently the nation at large. On the other hand, if well-articulated, “Breaking News and headlines can build resilience and spirit of patriotism in the hearts of its citizens.

News spreads like a wild fire, on the dry bushes, left unchecked it can destroy. Breaking news can either break barriers or break ties, break ceilings or break hearts. Breaking news can break perceptions of bondage, but can also break hearts and instill fear as well as hopelessness. The cost of hope is far much greater than the financial cost that can be incurred at any point. A hopeless society will not fight for a better future, they’ll just leave things to chance and that is dangerous.

When we look at National development, human capital development depends on sound mind, focus and patriotism coupled with hope and optimism for a better future within ourselves as a people. Mw2063 depends on a people that when trained and equipped with skills will work on developing the relevant sectors in our country.

The media, has the power to foster the development of the necessary perceptions that can ensure the right mindset and confidence in our people to develop their country. Messages that are constantly played, written and spoken are building blocks on the much-needed mindset for a society to either be successful or fail entirely.

I am not saying do not call out the wrongs and the bad, but with the same energy or even more amplify the good that is happening to encourage the young people to do more and to give hope to the old that they will leave the country in able hands that will carry out the dreams of their youth. On the other hand, the news should inspire to remove the cancers of corruption, nepotism and laziness from depths of our society. Breaking news should encourage goodwill for people to actively participate in the development of their societies and not be the ones behind the anarchy and decay of their communities.

Media has to work together in-line with the national development goals and agenda to grow their economies and build a resilient generation that will build a prosperous society for all. The aim should be to inform, educate and encourage while exposing areas that need attention of policy makers and citizens to do better.

Messages that are heard repeatedly are accepted as reality and internalized as how it should be. Our people are addicted to bad news such that when something good happens, they do not rejoice as much as when calamity has hit. They laugh and jeer. They enjoy it while ignorantly fanning the fire of social degradation, unpatriotic behavior, and eventually economic backwardness.

It is time that our headlines carry with the positive side of things higher, drive the narrative of homegrown development culture and success stories happening everywhere. It is no lie that we have a corrupt system but it is also true that we have men and women that have stood by their convictions of integrity and have made their impact.

Let us amplify them. Let our youth know of them and understand that it is possible. If we cannot tell our story, we shall be told we are unworthy, incapable, beggars, yet in this very land we have one of the smartest humans. Engineers that have gone to build planes at Boeing. Leaders that have walked with the British loyalty. Pastors that have commandeered populations of this generation. Footballers that shine on the pitch. Lecturers that are teaching in some of the most prestigious universities of our time. Cryptocurrency traders that now live and shine in Dubai. Expatriates working in the UN. Content creators that are producing content worth the global audiences. I can go on and on, the list is long and endless. However, the point am trying to drive home is, we can and we will.

Let us use the media to benefit our society, build our economy and develop our country.

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