Boosting social media presence is a task for both personalities, small businesses and big corporations. In todays’s world staying ahead of competition means having an edge on relevant social media platforms.  Therefore, leveraging them for business growth. Today, so many companies, PR and Marketing consultants, as well as departments are investing time and resources to gain momentum on different social media platforms.

The Internet is so big, so powerful and for those that harness its power, enjoy the benefits.

In this post I will share three Main ways you can boost social media presence as a business. I will share how you can grow organically by using tactics developed over the years. In addition, I will share how paid adverts can boost social media presence and finally third party page or account buying.

Boosting Social Media Presence

Organic Growth

Organic growth, refers to strategies that social media managers, Pr and marketing consultants, marketing personnel or digital marketers use to grow their social media presence without actually paying for ads. These include, Social Media Key words search, Audience Identification, Valuable Content, News Jacking and Brand collaborations. All these can be mixed to come up with the best strategy for social media growth.  According to the social media goals of a particular organisation, each of these strategies will contribute uniquely in promoting social media presence. Fore example, Social media keywords work similarly to the ones on your website. In turn, incorporating keywords into your social content enhances visibility. This allows you to expand your reach and drive traffic to your various digital properties.

Paid Advertising

In paid advertising, brands pay different social media platforms to have their pages or accounts promoted. Using demographics and triangulation tools, brands are able to pin point the exact clients and customers they want to target. Hence, paid advertising seems more favourable for most brands. Nevertheless, just like any other marketing exercise it needs planning, goal setting to achieve the overall marketing objectives. For example ads in facebook will not work the same as ads on twitter. therefore brands need to understand how each platform works and tailor that to their strategy.

Third Party Buying

This is perhaps the newest and most misunderstood aspect of boosting social media presence. Often confused to buying fake likes or followers also known as bots. Recently facebook developed tools for growing pages or developing pages faster. These tools work for both Instagram and Facebook. For example page migration, and page mergers. These tow ways will convert facebook profile friends to likes and page followers in minutes granting a personality or user a ready audience in the quickest time. Usually these methods are used by third party players who migrate specific audiences to pages that suit particular brands. Brands can therefore buy, from these third party facebook users and grow their brands with the existing audiences. Something to note though; a large audience does not guarantee engagement or results. Companies and brands are encouraged to adopt the other tools to develop engagement and benefit from such audiences.

I hope this information was helpful, be on the look out for the next blog where I will unpack how to use organic tools for growth.

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